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[Transfer and release of 111Indium-labeled immunoglobulin G in the perfused rat liver]. Experiments were conducted on anesthetized male rats to compare the transfer of immunoglobulin G (IgG) and localization of the radioactively labeled IgG (111Indium-labeled IgG, 111I-IgG) in the liver after portal infusion of immunoglobulin G (1 mg/100 g). It was shown that initially perfused liver is a reservoir of IgG. No significant difference in the level of circulating IgG before and after perfusion was detected. Perfused IgG was retained in the liver for 15-25 days. After a 15-day observation period, the rats were sacrificed and the level of the radioactively labeled IgG (111I-IgG) in the liver was assessed. It was shown that perfused IgG was localized in the liver parenchyma and was retained in this tissue for a long period.Grain Boundary Design and Observation of Mapping and Measuring of Coexisting States. In this study, through the combination of in situ atom probe tomography (APT) and scanning electron microscopy (SEM), we systematically investigated the basic geometrical parameters of a grain boundary (GB) that can be used to design and fabricate a GB system that can maintain the coexistence of multiple phases. This new strategy can be applied to fabricate a novel hybrid material system with a highly desirable property for achieving better structural stability and high strength for multifunctional use. With the results of this study, the following conclusions are reached: (1) The coexistence of different phases in a GB can be achieved through spatial arrangement of two regions with phase segregation or phase coexistence, (2) the spatial arrangement of different phases in a GB leads to GB width dependent critical shear strain in the coherent case; while for the partial coherent case, the critical shear strain is GB width dependent and increases with decreasing GB width, (3) compared with the coherent case, the critical shear strain of the partial coherent case is smaller, which may result in a less mechanically stable GB system, and (4) the mapping of GB characteristics is more feasible for the coherent case, while the measurement of GB width is feasible for the partial coherent case, which is more beneficial for the fabrication of stable materials.1. Field of the Invention The present invention relates to a heat dissipating device



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Swf To Video Converter Pro Registration Code chaptri

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