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Quality and Accurate data entry 


You may be struggling to manage millions of documents, or you may be a legacy organization with data storages full of paper forms that you want converted to electronic format.

Outsourcing data entry services to India proves to be a sensible option for getting the data entry job done without worrying about infrastructure, employees, and overheads in your home country.

We at BUKEND BPO are a leading outsourcing data entry company in India with years of experience & offshore centers, managing more than 1K transactions every year with 99% accuracy.

Our excellent data entry services and advanced data analytics supports several Fortune companies and other mid-large enterprises across US, UK, Canada, Australia, Ireland, Germany, etc., to reduce operational costs, focus on business critical activities, and gain competitive advantage.

We believe effective Customer Service Outsourcing starts with properly understanding the problem. It’s about knowing who’s calling and why. Effective Customer Service Outsourcing uses every ounce of information from each conversation to help solve, predict and plan for future interactions.


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Companies across the globe are struggling big time with their organizational layout, to maintain and utilize their data; are you one of them? When it comes to gathering information, one of the biggest hurdles is that data in organizations flow in various formats.

We at BUKEND BPO, are well equipped with resources, technology and experience of digitization, to provide comprehensive data conversion services. Seamlessly automate your paper processes by handing over difficult and time-consuming data conversion projects to Bukend and join the league.

We understand your need for professional services for the accomplishment of your business projects; therefore, it is for the quality services offered by our company that our customers have confidence in us for a highly business-oriented approach and deliverance of the services with faster turnaround time.
As per the ethics of our company we know that confidentiality is the key to trust and thereby, it has always been our top priority to maintain the consistent accuracy and data-privacy of our client companies.